I consider this coil as still under construction.

The specs for this coil so far:
38" winding length with 22AWG magnet wire
~1381 turns

Initially this was planned to be 19 turns of 3/8" copper tubing in a 20 degree inverse cone. Lack of funding has altered this plan to use 1/4" tubing, since ~100' of it was donated.

Spark Gap
Using my small SRSG.

Tank Capacitor/Transformer
At this time the MMC array has a maximum capacitance is 40nF. That is greatly insufficient for the power level to produce maximum spark length available from the power supply. A redesign of the MMC is being considereds to add more capacity. I've been building a 6 MOT supply, after playing with a crude lash-up 4 MOT supply. That was impressive in and of itself. The plan was to use capacitive ballast, but inductive is what I have handy and right now the supply is being limited to around 25A.

The plan is a 12" x 36" chicken wire toroid. Right now I am using a 7" minor x 26.5" overall ducting toroid.

First Light for the 9inch coil!

My good friend Tony Mollner was in town from Los Angeles and we decided it was time to test fire this coil. Using the toroid from my 4" coil and 40nF of tank capacity we fired it up just to make sure it worked. ;-)
Here is a 513KB, 160x120 movie clip (about 6 seconds)

9inch 4  9inch 2  9inch 6  9inch 9  9inch A


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