Ever wonder what happens when your secondary ground wire clip comes loose when running? I didn't even see the secondary starting to burn through the view finder. The alligator clip had slipped off the wire at the bottom of the secondary and was sitting about a quarter of an inch away.

This is a shot of the setup at the time. I was running two 15/60 NSTs. The toroid on top of the vertical 4" PVC at the right was being used as a target.

Fairly descent 25" sparks using .02uf of saltwater caps.

This shot isn't quite as good now that I turned the garage light off. These were taken with a cheap digital camera and it shows.

As I took this picture I was wondering why the output had dropped off to almost nothing.

You would think that I would see the glow at the base of the secondary where my ground was clipped on.

Right after snapping this picture, I noticed the flames. D'oh!

burnt2nd1.jpg  burnt2nd2.jpg
I did manage to fix this burn area, only to burn the secondary very badly later on by massively over driving it.

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