About Us

We moved here to Pearland, TX in September of 1996 from a little city name Hawthorne that is located on the south central side of Los Angeles, CA.

Charon takes care of Mark and most everything else.

He trys to help by cooking and doing the laundry. Charon does the shopping and for some reason is still in love with me.

She is truly the wife described in Proverbs 31

Our main passion is Jesus, and spend much of our time in service to Him. Whether it be serving at our church or spreading the Gospel to those that don't yet know Him, we can't think of a better use of our talents.

Charon loves to read which kind of explains her job at the library. She also likes to garden, or at least try her hand at some flowers. Her newest addition is another rose bush from Big-lots!. In addition she likes to try her hand at gourmet/country cooking.

Mark also works for the library system in their system services department(computers). He also plays with ham radio and likes to "tinker" in the garage. He is currently experimenting with a device called a Tesla Coil. This hobby turned into a unique ministry.

We also seem to spend a bunch of time with email and searching the internet.

The Gospel
Jesus Saves!

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