A church was in need of a pastor for some time but was having trouble getting one; but not because pastors weren't applying, but because the congregation always seemed to find fault with the pastors. Most pastors were rejected when the people just read the résumé. Some didn't have enough experience, some too much, some not enough education, some too much and so on.

One day a board member, who was getting very tired of this, decided to do something. So the next Sunday, he got up in the pulpit and announced that he had another résumé to share with the congregation. Most of them sat back, folded their arms and began to listen; ready to see what faults they could find on the new applicant. The board member began to read and the résumé went like this...

"Dear church members; I am writing to apply for position as your pastor. My experience is more along the lines of evangelist but I believe I could fill your position adequately. I've never attended any bible school per say but I have a lot of field experience. I don't have a degree on my wall, or a wall for that matter; I've traveled around most of my life, renting and doing odd jobs to support myself and preaching wherever I was invited; churches, streets, even jails. As a matter of fact, I've been thrown in jail several times and been involved in a few public squabbles. I've been accused of being anti-semantic, anti-authority and causing disturbances almost everywhere I go. But I did have a few conversions to Christianity during my ministry as well as a few healings. Thank you for considering my application."

Most of the people looked up at the deacon with smirks of condemnation while others chuckled out loud. One man stood up and still laughing asked the deacon,
"Does this guy actually expect us to seriously consider him for our pastor? Just what's this fellow's name any way?"
The deacon replied that the letter was signed -
The Apostle Paul

You could have heard a pin drop.

Author unknown.